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Have you considered an Adjustable Rate Mortgage?

Happy Summer everybody! I hope you are doing well. Quick PSA: In the past I haven’t been a big fan of Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs), however now the market is changing. Real estate is softening a little bit, but interest rates are really going up a lot. So, what I see is a good opportunity to potentially buy a house! In the past it may have been a bit more difficult to get and yet because rates are higher people are a little more reluctant to do that. Adjustable Rate Mortgages right now are about a half a percent lower than the fixed rates. It may make sense to “marry the house and date the rate”. What that means is buy the house you want right now, because there is a good opportunity. Go ahead and get the rate that you need to right now, which would be lower with an ARM. Later on, because you’re “dating the rate”, you can actually refinance into a lower fixed rate once rates come back down!


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the current market or if you may be interested in ARMs. We would be happy to help!


Chad Wade

Managing Partner

Cornerstone Mortgage Group

Atlanta Home Loan Team

Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee - 21412. Company NMLS -147913. Individual NMLS - 147936.

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